Mixed Media @ mac

I wanted to share some of the beautiful screenprints created by the students currently attending the Mixed Media course I teach at mac on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings. Their work has been made using procion dyes and manutex (thickened print paste).  Some of the prints started as open screen prints and doodles drawn with thickend dye, some are then over printed with stencil prints. The third type of prints are made using repeated stencil prints increasing the the stength of the dye to print paste ration.

Which are your favorite ones? I love the rich depth of colours achieved in the open & doodled screenprints that have then been overprinted with stencils.

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2 thoughts on “Mixed Media @ mac

  1. Diana Quigley

    The first and second at the top (I’m very partial to those greens), and the purple circle one bottom left. Love the way there’s such a 3-D depth to them and the shapes look like they’re floating – I want to try it immediately!

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