Nuno Scarf Workshop

A fabulous opportunity to create a beautiful scarf while learning how to Nuno Felt. You will learn how to fuse the traditional technique of wet felting with the contemporary nuno process to design and make a unique new fabric by combining wool fibres with silk chiffon to make a scarf.

During the day you will select the colour(s) you wish to work with and learn how to dye your silk chiffon fabric to coordinate with your design. You will gain an understanding of how and why wool fibres adhere to fabric, observe how different textured effects are possible using different weights and types of fabric and wool, and apply this knowledge to make your own scarf using silk chiffon.
All materials are included.

Saturday 10th August 2019. Tickets £75 per person. Tickets can be purchased from via the Felt Workshops & Courses section of the Gallery Pages.

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