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Four Oaks Primary School Artist Residency

Setting up the Four Oak school stand at the NEC Design & Technology show

Four Oak School were looking to develop some work with Year 5 for their stand at the NEC Design & Technolgy Fair. Using the a combination of the schools name, the school's acorn reward scheme and the traditional saying; "..from little acorns, might oaks do grow" we developed a range of wall hanging for the stand.




Four Oaks School Emblem and central banner for the stand, representing the oak leaves, acorns that appear on the school badges. 

Self Portrait 'Paper - Chain' Banner






Year 5's self portraits in their school uniform as a felted 'paper - chain'

Close up of Acorn Faces for Oak Trees


Acorn shaped self portraits on one of the two oak trees.


Completed oak frees with acorn faces. 

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