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'Body Adornment: The Bacteria Project' Wren's Nest & Priory Primary School, Dudley


A collective of schools and their Year 6 pupils from the Dudley area worked together with a wide range of artist including dancers, film makers, sculptors and textile artist on the Bacteria Project coordinated by Jacqui Lord resulting in a exhibtion at Dudley College.



My role in the project was to help pupils to create Bacteria inspired Body Adornments. We did this by examining how different cultures around the globe choose to decorate their bodies, looking at jewellery, armor, headdresses and clothing. 

Together we made neck, leg & arm peices using sculptured paper, newspaper, yarns, acrylic paint & 3D xpanader paints.








Two Bacteria Battle Skirts were also made representing a clash between 'good' and 'bad' bacteria in a cell structure. These were made with hand felted peices, felted bacteria shapes woven into the felted 'cell structures' and distressed fabric representing the tissue in which the bacteria battled!

Battle Skirt 2
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