'Off the Peg' Workshops

  • Introduction to Seamless Felt Bags & Purses: 
  • 29th April, 10am - 4pm £70
  • Learn how to design and make a unique hand felted bag or purse with/without a strap using merino wool and a variety of natural fibres. Attendees will use both wet felting and 3D resist felting methods to create seamless bags & purses. Additional fibres and fabrics can be added to enhance the surface texture to embellish the item you create. 

  • Felt Flowers: 
  • 6th May, 10am - 1:30pm £40
  • Come and join us to make your own hand felted flower brooch in this relaxed half day workshop. You will learn how to make a pattern, lay out the wool and silk fibres, wet felt and shape the wool into a flower shape before adding a stamen to make your flower into a brooch.

  • Landscapes in Wool - Painting with Fibres:
  • 10th June, 10am - 4pm £70
  • Learn how to 'paint' with fibres to create a picture; abstract or realistic of a landscape or animal for a wall hanging or piece to frame. You will create your fibre painting using wool and a selection of yarns, fabrics and other fibres which you can later embellish with stitch and/or needle felting. During the workshop we will;
  • Discuss how to create perspective, focal points, balence and composition.
  • Examine your landscape / animal images & sketches brought
  • Plan how to translate your design ideas into felt
  • Sketch & plan ideas (select colour & materials and choose possible techniques to use)
  • Create a felted landscape or animal image

  • Textured Felt Book & Phot Album Jackets:
  • 8th July, 10am - 2pm £45
  • An exciting opportunity to create a hand felted book cover using merino wool and a selection of fabrics and fibres to make a book jacket slip with a richly textured surface. You will learn the technique of wet felting and how to integrate other fabrics and fibres into the wool. We will work with undyed wools and fibres to create a white cover to dye at the end of the workshop. A great introduction to feltmaking for beginners and an opportunity to work with other fibres and acid dyes for those with some felting expereince. These textured book jackets lend themselves as great surfaces for further stitch.

  • Hanging Pods, Spiky Bowls & Doorstops:
  • 15th July, 10am - 4pm £70
  • During this day long workshop you will learn how to create seamless pods and bowls with spikes, curly cues and hanging features. These beautiful objects look lovely as ornaments, used as doorstops, displayed as indoor planters or outdoors as birds nests! A great opportunity to develop your felting skills, especially if you have undertaken the half day Felt Pod Vessels workshop. Aimed at feltmakers with some expereince, novice feltmakers welcome as small groups allow plenty of personalised tuition.

  • Fingerless Gloves & Wrist Warmers: 
  • 16th September, 10am- 2pm £45
  • As the summer warmth begins to fade and the evenings start getting chilly, why not join this fun half day workshop? You will learn how to make a pair of hand felted wool wrist warmers or a pair of fingerless gloves to keep you warm this autumn. Choosing colours of your choice, you will learn how to work with a resist pattern, lay out the wool fibres and fuse them together with just soap, water and elbow grease! A fun and practical workshop to make a functional and wearable peice art work - a gift for a loved one or for you to keep!


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